Let Us Help You Get More (and Better) Offers

We got this seller an even better result than OfferPad. Check it out!

Today, let’s hear from a seller who chose to work with the Chance Casey Group over Offerpad and hear her reaction to receiving our offers. The iBuyer company OfferPad submitted an offer of $300,000, and if she accepted the offer, she’d only get $277,000 in total—not to mention that afterward, she’d still have to deal with paying off her mortgage.

However, by working with the Chance Casey Group instead, we managed to find our seller 13 offers for her home, one of which was for $40,000 more than that cash offer from OfferPad. Part of the reason we were able to drum up such enthusiastic interest for her home was that we staged it, took professional-grade photos, and hired someone to tackle the maintenance issues. The seller had been panicking, fearing that we couldn’t get it done. Though we started the process on a Thursday or Friday, we ended up getting it all done by the following Tuesday.

In the end, this is why it is important to work with a team. With multiple professionals coordinating their efforts, we can get you results that are better than you ever imagined.

If you’re looking to sell your home on the market, reach out to us. We’ll apply all these same skills and resources to your transaction and make sure that you get the very best outcome for your sale—or maybe even better.

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